Have Mercy!

Unless you’re re-inventing the wheel or trying to painstakingly recreate Turner’s Modern Rome using nothing but a handful of burnt matchsticks and a gorillas skull, you need to stop whatever it is you’re doing, right now, and listen to this.

Released just one month ago by Machine Gun Funk, a new(ish) act that hail from the exotic shores of far-off Manchester, this rather fantastic little blues number is pretty much guaranteed to become regular listening.

Like the very best blues songs, it’s all rasping depth and glorious resonance. It’s gorgeous, sultry, and easy on the ears. But it’s got an edge as well. Listening to it is like running your tongue along a switch-blade  or dousing your face in kerosene after a particularly rabid night out on the town; it might feel good, but it bites.  Flip to 1:26 and listen as breathy, heart-warming rhythms coalesce  into a singular, brain melting pulse of raw style. Better yet, drop in at 2:31 and listen to the pulsing drive of the bass pound your eardrums into submission.

The best bit? The drums. It is so very rare to hear them given the space they deserve, to hear them echoing about beneath the rhythmic snarl of the bass like some primal, interstellar heartbeat. Here, they shine.

Don’t just take my word for it though, give it a listen here. Remember to stay tuned for more Machine Gun Funk releases as well; there looks to be plenty more brilliant blues rock to come.


4 Responses to “Have Mercy!”

  1. Link does not work – thought you would like to know

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Peter, I’ve fixed the link now, so you should be able to enjoy this rather fantastic little blues rock number. Let me know what you think.

  3. Fantastic review! Very decent band and i hope to be working with them a lot more in the future for their up and coming material!

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