A Long Way Down

Posted in Music Review with tags , , , on October 3, 2012 by Rex Bussey

You know what’s old hat? Criticizing Kiss for being bad musicians. Yes we know Gene Simmons is a money hungry, child-gobbling monster, and yes we know that Paul Stanley wears a wig and prances about like a flea bitten flamingo, but that doesn’t make them a bad band. I know, I know; Fireworks? Explosions? they obviously value showmanship more than technical prowess; their music must suck. Right? WRONG! Go listen to Long Way Down, right now. It’s Kiss’s newest attempt to rob you of your hard earned dollars and you know what? It Rocks. It’s louder than a hastily tasered eunuch, it drips more attitude and charisma than a freshly blended Steven Tyler smoothie, and it will eat your ears alive.


‘Another anthem?’ I hear you jeer, ‘how many more can we possibly need?’ well one more at least, obviously. Pause at 2:59, hear that angry, raw bass fill? Yeah that’s good music right there. Pause at 1:38 and listen to Eric singers mini drum solo, that wall of sound, those Bonham-esque flourishes…what’s not to love? This is an anthem, a loud, brash crowd pleaser, but it’s also full of clever little pauses and innovative little licks. It’s tight, controlled mayhem, it’s orgasm inducing walls of sound all neatly packaged and perfectly arranged. It’s Kiss on top of their game. Don’t take my word for it though, go give it a listen here or find out more about their album Monster here


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